Beer Braised Short Ribs

Beer Braised Short Ribs

espresso stout braised short rib

I saw some really meaty short ribs at the store recently and had to get them. I would definitely say that this was the one short rib to rule them all, melting in my mouth, sweet, tangy, perfect. Every time I cook anything I use all of my experiences in my culinary background to improve on each little detail of my new dishes. This is a great example of looking back on a few different jobs throughout different kitchens in Portland, Or and how my entire view on cooking has changed. One of my first blog post that more than 20 people saw was a beer braised pork belly. Maybe I’ll have to revisit some old recipes and spice them up with new techniques! Happy cooking.

Beer Braise:

1 22Oz Espresso Stout

1 Qt Beef Stock

1 tbls Tomato Paste

1/2 Onion Sm. Dice

2 Carrots Sm. Dice

2 Celery Stalks Sm. Dice


1. Heat a pan large enough for the ribs on high. Add 1 Tbls of oil and sear all sides of the short ribs until well caramelized. Rest the meat on a large plate and add the onions, carrots, and celery.

2. Sweat mirepoix for 5-19 minutes then add tomato paste, beer, beef stock, and salt then bring to a boil.

3. Add short ribs and any of the jus from the plate back into the pot and cover with foil.

4.Bake in a 225F oven for 2 to 2 1/2 hours until very tender.

5.Remove from oven and cool short ribs in the liquid over night.

6.Remove short ribs from jus and strain the liquid though a china cap or strainer.

7. Season the liquid with salt, vinegar, and honey to taste.

8. The final step is to reheat the short rib, trimmed of any extra fat or connective tissue, in the reduced braising liquid. Cook the braising liquid until thick enough to glaze the short rib and spoon the glaze on top a few times to coat well.

I served this dish with some sweet pickled carrots and some red cabbage coleslaw. Please comment if you have any questions or opinions of this article! I haven’t been posting much lately but trust me I’ve been getting overtime every week in the kitchen.

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